Analysis e insight


Regional Systems and Architectures in Continuous Evolution

Understanding political, security-related, cultural, anthropological, economic and social factors leads to the development of efficient strategies both for the present and the future. Strategic context analyses are propaedeutic to analysing on-line conversations. Identifying the underlying dynamics and geo-political trends of countries and regions of interest allows us to understand evolutionary trends and simplify the comprehension of complex systems.


Global Listening Abilities with Local Insight

Every geo-political area, country or social group discusses issues on-line in a unique way. We gather and analyse the data from these global conversations in over fifty languages. The global geo-location of the messages is fundamental to understand what the discussion is about, while recognising the language used is a key to intercepting significant messages.


The Power of Instant Measurements and Determining Trend Significance

The evaluation and analysis of any phenomenon also requires an understanding of the on-line diffusion of discussions and their impact. Every day, we study millions of posts published on-line and connect them to the interactions they cause. The web is in continuous evolution and a mere snapshot is insufficient to understand what is really happening. Therefore, we also follow the real-time evolution of discussions and compare them with time series to identify significant trends as they appear.


Measure the Debate, Grasp the Opportunity

Every on-line discussion is a potential arena for debate and/or clash; neutral positions rapidly transform into criticism or support. The ability to intercept dissent or approval in relation to any issue provides us with the fundamental ability to act timely on-line. Sentiment analysis allows us to measure and precisely trace the diffusion dynamics of dissent and agreement.


From Conversations to Messages to Users

The web is composed of user communities. Analyses reveal what these communities are speaking about, what social networks they use and how strongly they believe in any given issue. The analysis of social profiles allows us to aggregate the data of the audiences involved in discussions and precisely identify the demographic physiognomy of the individuals.


Authoritative Guides or Charismatic leaders

Reference personalities – influencers and trend setters – for all users emerge from on-line conversations. Thanks to a proprietary Tracx algorithm, we can learn which users are more influential on-line for any given issue. And we can analyse each’s modus operandi, digital presence and social sphere. Identifying the key figures and involving the right interlocutors can lead to the success or failure of any communication mission.

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